EA’s Belinda Smith Gives Her Top 5 Picks for #AWNewYork


Not long to go. Advertising Week New York is just round the corner. We’re excited to open our doors for a sixteenth time for a week of thought leadership, evening entertainment and enlightenment. 350+ sessions. 20 venues. Nearly 900 speakers. And with so much going on, we asked some esteemed speakers to provide their lowdown on the sessions they are most looking forward to so you can better plan your week.

Bonin Bough wrote his ‘Ultimate Guide to Advertising Week New York 2019’ which is an extensive entry point, but for something a little more bitesized - Global Director of Media at Electronic Arts (EA) Belinda Smith, has shared her top 5 recommendations below. 

Let’s talk about bias. Let’s talk about The Look
Mon, September 23 at 4:15 PM
Impact Makers Stage 

Level 2: Stage 7

SATURDAY MORNING, a new model creative collective formed by four leading African American creatives, made headlines this year with the launch of “The Look”, a story about bias in America. Created in conjunction with P&G, panelists talk about shifting perceptions on unconscious bias with their campaign “The Look”, and how to create work with deep social impact and new models of partnership between creative agencies and marketers.

Brands Getting It Right With The 50+
Mon, September 23 at 11:15 AM
Impact Makers Stage 

Level 2: Stage 7

How often do the ads you see fail to strike a chord? Probably frequently. For those reading this who are north of 50, misrepresentation in the creative work supposedly aimed at them is even more frequent. The AARP  are hosting a session on how to more accurately and authentically reflect the lives of the 50-plus. 

Rage Against The Machine: What Deepfakes & Algorithmic Bias Means For Your Content Marketing
Mon, September 23 at 11:30 AM
Story Crafters Stage 

Level 2: Stage 4

Identifying the perfect brand narrative is a challenge, but safeguarding that narrative has gotten a whole lot harder. Are you prepared to defend your brand against malicious actors and rogue algorithms alike? The rise of deepfake technology creates a new and important consideration for marketers and their agencies. WSJ host a session outlining the importance of separating fact from fake. 

In It Together 
Mon, September 23 at 1:00 PM
Ad Shapers Stage 

Level 2: Stage 3

From collaborating across time zones to gathering executive and team buy-in, how do you make a company of 15,000+ employees—and their agencies—understand that a brand journey is not driven by marketing and communications, but the entire company? Join LinkedIn and Peloton to learn how they built brands that resonate with a global audience.  

DTC Brands Herald a New Era of Performance Marketing and Customer Acquisition
Wed, September 25 at 9:00 AM
Ad Shapers Stage 

Level 2: Stage 3

Customer acquisition is everything. But customer acquisition is expensive. Far more than it used to be. That reality has left marketers scrambling to create alternative funnels to adapt. Join leading consultants, agency execs, analysts and DTC marketing leaders to discuss the shifting customer acquisition landscape and the new rules of sustainability.

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