The Key to Fixing Digital Advertising's 'Identity' Crisis: People

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Digital advertising has an identity problem. “Identity” has become the buzzword of the year as companies across the ecosystem work on solutions that put all the pieces of the consumer journey together, yet the result is an environment that is fragmented, confusing to marketers, and often requires multiple partners to execute.

In this session, data-driven leaders from across the digital ecosystem take the stage to discuss the current state of identity today, the role identity plays in unlocking true people-based marketing, how the open web compares to the walled gardens of Facebook and Google, and how the industry today should make sense of the different data and identity solutions available to evolve and improve their marketing. View Less

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Todd Parsons Chief Product Officer OpenX
Travis Clinger VP of Strategic Partnerships LiveRamp
Tish Whitcraft Chief Customer Officer OpenX
John Terrana GM SocialCode
Chad Engelgau Global Chief Data Strategist & Head of Client Management IPG MediaBrands

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