Internal Incubators – Reinventing the Heritage Brand

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Today's global climate has shifted the consumer landscape across industries—from food to home entertainment and even wedding planning. With the rise (and fall) of startups in these spaces, leading heritage brands are leaning into collaboration as well as internal incubators to innovate and be at the forefront of consumer desires. In such a globally diverse and competitive market, heritage brands are more significant to us than ever before, but how can companies continue to grow and maintain loyalty?

Across industries, heritage brands are adapting to the needs, wants and desires of evolving audiences and emerging attitudes by leveraging internal incubators to shape their future without losing what made them special. Dhansuha Sivajee, CMO of The Knot Worldwide, has led the transformation of the brand from a publishing company into a global digital marketplace as well as launching new platforms to reach couples during their next life stages – The Bump and most recently, Lasting to name a few. Christina Ferzli, Director of Global Corporate Affairs at Ocean Spray, is helping to lead Ocean Spray into the future where health and wellness is paramount to the conscious consumer, innovating through collaboration and Rapid R&D for new products. David VanderWaal, SVP of Marketing for LG Electronics has led the development of consumer-facing marketing campaigns that have elevated the overall LG brand to new levels of consumer awareness and engagement. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Change is inevitable, but growth is optional
  2. The need to collaborate and converge ideas
  3. How to evolve without alienating your current base
  4. The importance of R&D
  5. What startups can learn from heritage brands
  6. Ideas can come from anywhere


Brian Baker Editor Ad Age
Dhanusha Sivajee CMO The Knot Worldwide
David VanderWaal Senior Vice President of Marketing LG Electronics
Christina Ferzli Director of Global Corporate Affairs Ocean Spray

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Event Type Seminar

Track  Brand Innovation  

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