NewGen at Advertising Week New York

NewGen at Advertising Week New York


Whether you are an advertising student preparing for work outside your institution's walls, or an industry newcomer, the NewGen track has been crafted with you in mind.

See, we are fearful that the next generation of advertising leaders may set their work in reverse-type by default. Or grow up believing soft-skills are something ice-cream men are passed down from generation to generation.

For these reasons and many more, we have dedicated programming throughout the week to you, the next generation. It is part of our pledge to do what we can for future advertisers and marketers who are about to catapult into this wonderful, creative industry.

The content on stage will stimulate and encourage your hunger for development, increase your potential for future success, and do it all through leaders at the very upper echelons of the advertising, marketing and communications industry. We’ll have a dedicated NewGen stage, throughout the week, offering programming hand-selected to inspire, and perhaps spark, the ideas that could someday jolt this industry in an entirely different direction.

Here’s a selection of some of our favourite sessions:

Creating for the Greater Good: A Lesson In Collaboration From Ad Agencies

In a panel discussion, leaders of well-known advertising agencies including Barton F. Graf and Lippincott will take the stage to discuss what happens when they collaboratively use their unique skills and resources to drive real change in the world. They’ll also bring a student on stage to discuss how creative agencies can partner with the next generation of 17 million voters (the biggest block in history) to give them a voice for change.

THE REBOUND: Recovering from Failure

It’s a fact of working life—sometimes the most thought-out, careful and organized feats don’t always go according to plan. When it comes to marketing campaigns with so many moving parts and the fickle world of social media, this can be especially true. How a marketer emerges from missteps and mistakes can massively influence future success and opportunity. This panel of marketers will have a frank discussion about attitudes around failure, how to pivot when you sense things are going awry and provide practical advice for those at any stage of their career on recovering from a failure.

How to Stop Time: Design Principles for Immersive Storytelling

Overwhelmed by endless streams of passive content, sophisticated audiences are demanding deeper, more powerful experiences. Innovative technologies enable and inspire new forms of stories, but immersion is not a property of technology it is a result of a great experience. Michael Monello, one of the original creators of The Blair Witch Project and Founder of Campfire shares secrets from over 15 years on the frontline of emerging technology and storytelling.

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