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Leading marketers from multiple brand verticals will take the stage and share secrets and insights from their day-to-day. Expect a wide variety of conversations ranging from Retail to SMB, Finance, CPG amongst others.


Featured Verticals


The Retail vertical at Advertising Week uncovers modern commerce in the digital world. How has retail evolved the ways brands sell, and how has it changed the way consumers buy? Who is winning, and why?


When categories move into a digital environment, the rules change completely. Whether it is the ownership of relationships end to end, or opinion-led decision making governed by social, data is fundamentally changing the nature of brand-customer relationships left, right and centre. See how this looks in the CPG industry in a series of curated talks to ensure you’re in the know.


With the focus of attention predominantly falling on behemoth businesses and leading agencies, we fundamentally believe that innovation and ground-breaking achievements are found at the fringes too. Millions of SMB’s collectively form the heartbeat of the economy up and down the country. Curated sessions at Advertising Week 2018 will focus solely on Small and Mid-Size Businesses.


The FinTech sector is so much more than a revolution in payment and banking systems used around the world. Learn about the well-established space from leading brands, and brand builders at the forefront of the revolution.

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