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Explore how culture is making an impact on business, and vice versa. Discover new insights about the culture we live and breathe with dedicated tracks covering Retail, Audio, GenZ, CannaBusiness presented by Future State Brands, Future of Sports, and more.



Monday 9/23: Audio

From radio to podcasts to smart devices, voice is as its peak. Understand how brands can benefit from getting in the audio game, discover the psychological power of audio, and get excited about the new possibilities for audio campaigns.

Monday 9/23: Retail

Hear from the founders, creators and makers of the luxury brands you know and love and get inspired by their creativity, learn the trends, and discover the power of collaboration.

Wednesday 9/25: Cannabusiness, PRESENTED BY FUTURE STATE BRANDS

Spend an afternoon learning about the culture, tech, and business of the latest CPG vertical, cannabis. The Cannabusiness Track will share surprising insights for the curious and the experts.

Wednesday 9/25: GenZ

Born between 1995 and 2010, Generation Z has been brought up in a world dominated by the internet and digital technology. Despite their constant connectivity, brands looking to tap into this lucrative market have traditionally struggled to understand how to engage with GenZ. Come and learn from the experts how to engage and excite this demographic.

Thursday 9/26: Future of Sports

Let's talk streaming, new platform integrations, and how the sports business and tech industry continues to evolve and grow.

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