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Data has never been more important to the business of advertising, media & technology. We now predict consumer behavior, intention to buy products and services, and future online and offline activities. This predictive data enables brands to create a cohesive marketing system, centered around the individual consumer, making them more likely to serve them the right content within the right context. With all of this information, it’s also never been more important to guard it, to be transparent with data usage and to protect the users privacy. Get immersed in our full-day tracks focused on Addressability, Transparency, People-Based Marketing, and Measurement.




Cord-cutting and time shifted TV viewing left advertisers scratching their heads over fragmenting audiences across multiple platforms. Find out where it’s going next in a range of discussions ranging from TV to connected devices.


In a post-GDPR world, companies must actively and transparently educate their customers on their data practices. Companies that get this right will enjoy consumers’ trust and goodwill, as well as increased growth and access to that data. Hear from data specialists on how to master trust and transparency today.


One-off campaigns revisited twice a year for print and TV no longer cut it. Consumers now interact with brands across a dizzying number of channels, touchpoints and devices. Each person expects personalization. No ifs, no buts. Relevancy and effectiveness is the new standard.


Back in 2013 measuring the effectiveness of online display ads was likened to selling space on underwater billboards. Why did anyone think it was acceptable to pay for ads no one would ever see? 5 years on the problem has lessened thanks to a whole host of upstarts filling the gap. And in 2018, measurement has become a cornerstone of our industry. Come and learn why, and how you can get the most ROI from your marketing efforts on the Measurement Track.

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