How Generative AI Powers Safer Contextual Marketing Choices to Reach Kids and Families


Key Takeaways

  1. The Human = CSN expertise and rubric for kids content evaluation established the foundation for contextual marketing for children and families matching safe and suitable content to the intended audience; therefore AI application is only as good as trainin
  2. The Machine = Gen AI + Multimodal AI approach offer incredible scale for contextual marketing and choices of content to reach the intended audience.
  3. The Human + Machine = Connecting human (rubric, training data set) and the machine (Gen AI, AI/ML models) to create a transformative approach to do contextual marketing not only reaching the intended audience, but also identifying and reaching new audienc
  4. The future = Wide ranging applications of Gen AI and AI in the marketing space and across the content value chain — e.g., recommending creatives to link brand messages with intended audience, accelerating content creation, evaluating content, etc.
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Deloitte Consulting LLP

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