Company AdTech
Employees 350
HQ New York
VidMob is the fastest path to creative that works.

VidMob is the world’s leading platform for Intelligent Creative and is the only company in the world badged as a certified marketing partner for every major social and digital ad platform. VidMob empowers marketers to effortlessly produce creative at speed and scale while ensuring every ad is on-brand and custom built to perform.

VidMob utilizes AI, machine learning, computer vision and human ingenuity to generate first-of-its-kind creative analytics and insights that identify which creative decisions have most affected performance, past as present. We then empower a best-in-class creative production team with realtime answers to inform and optimize current and future campaigns. Teams can continuously improve results with data-informed ads designed by experts for every ad platform.

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Visit the custom VidMob content hub hosted as part of their partnership with Advertising Week.

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