VAB is at the center of the video marketing industry. Supported by our esteemed members and trusted by a robust marketer community, we are uniquely positioned to work in partnership to move our industry forward. VAB is leading the conversation on critical topics such as cross-platform measurement, attention metrics, convergent TV, audience-based buying and multicultural marketing. We shape the industry narrative through our renowned thought leadership and advocacy work.

Through our original Insights content, curated leadership series and events, we provide marketers with actionable, best-in-class insights and analysis they can use to grow their business. What makes us different is our marketer’s lens – we tackle every question, issue and trend from a marketer’s perspective, offering real-world guidance and take-aways. At the same time, we are also fierce advocates for a more modern and innovative future for our industry. As widely reported over the last two years, we have been vocal in our demand for more transparency and accountability, as they are critical to fueling business and brand growth. VAB is committed to leading this change and we continue to be inspired and energized by the community that supports us.

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