HQ Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Shoplazza is an online e-Commerce platform designed for people worldwide who wish to start or continue their business ideas of all shapes and sizes. Merchants are empowered with a powerful global leading tool to learn to create their online presence, sell, promote, and run their dream business online.
We are an eCommerce platform that techs your business and sales further, from a single place. A space that stays open to more—tech, scalability and eCommerce growth.

Who we are now?
360,000+ Online Stores
150+ Worldwide Market Coverage

With our global expansion based on rapid growth, Shoplazza welcomes new talents who share the same values as we do!
• Striving: be a doer, recycle your pain and self-awareness into purpose and progression
• Result: be accountable, deliver outstanding results to embrace value and success
• Efficiency: be stronger, strengthen your competency through efficiency
• Team: be a collaborator, lead teams to thrive and achieve collective success

Attending Contacts

Alyson Zhang
Alyson Zhang
She is leading Shoplazza in offering full online shopping solutions, from ad channel integration and discount campaigns to loyalty rewards, email marketing, and seamless shipping and payment options.

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