AWMoms is a committee of moms supported by Advertising Week who work inside and outside of the home; for themselves, for organizations, corporations and for their families. These women are focused on creating conversations, increasing collaborations and supporting actionable initiatives which will help find real solutions to parenting issues in the workplace.

In 2019, Advertising Week commissioned a major piece of research with independent agency SparkNeuro that demonstrated how many challenges women still face in their working lives. We have committed to help our industry keep and promote its talented people after they choose to be parents.




At AWNewYork 2019, we sponsored 150 mothers for free to ensure we helped the industry keep its talented and committed women. This allowed us to hold many discussions about what this group really wants and needs.

We were honored to have partnership from mom-focused search firms, Après and The Mom Project. Both groups extended the gratis invitation to their networks and allowing us to broaden our reach.

At AW, we continue to publish content around this important topic via the AW360 news and thought leadership platform. Click the headlines below to read the latest:


The Advertising Week/SparkNeuro research showed that:

  • Working mothers are described as less competent and committed than their peers
  • Working mothers are offered a lower salary – as much as $11,000 – than their peers
  • Only 47% of working mothers are recommended for hire, compared to 87% of childless women
  • Nearly 60% of respondents are considering changing their roles in the near future

…meanwhile, the penalty does not exist for fathers. Working fathers were more likely to be recommended for hire than childless men.



The AWMoms committee is comprised of professional moms at all career stages including those who joined us on the #AWNewYork 2019 Mom Bosses Panel. There we explored all of the issues with c-suite moms (UWG, Deloitte, Soulcycle) will discuss the great values of having moms in leadership roles, the physical, mental and emotional challenges for moms in the workplace, and how the future of work can be more inclusive for moms. In order to keep the momentum going, the AWMoms will continue to meet, plan, network and support throughout the year. 



We will help our industry eliminate a culture of parental bias through constructive and collaborative means to create a strong advertising and marketing industry where all workers can feel fully supported.


We will extend the AWMoms philosophy around our Advertising Week international markets, localizing the initiative wherever we operate.

We will engage with partners or other organizations supporting working mothers wherever we feel collaboration can further our aims.

We will continue to sponsor AWMoms at our events and include them on programs to ensure these important issues are discussed, debated, and on the Advertising Week agenda globally.

We will learn from others and become a more supportive organization ourselves for our own employees who choose to be parents.

We will promote the AWMoms Manifesto.



If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to contact us at

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