Watch Starting: 8:45 AM  ●  Culture Builders Stage We've Got the Beat
Watch Starting: 9:00 AM  ●  Workshop Stage THE TRUST DEFICIT: Why This Year Matters to the Future of News
feat. Christine Cook, David Kohl, Joe Barone, Yale Cohen, Susanne Mei, Terri Schriver
Watch Starting: 9:00 AM  ●  Ad Shapers Stage Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. But Do It
feat. Fernando Machado
Watch Starting: 9:00 AM  ●  Entertainers Stage What it Takes to Win in the Next Era of TV
feat. Jeremy Helfand, Tanya Dua, Cara Lewis, Christina Beaumier
Watch Starting: 9:05 AM  ●  Tech Stars Stage AdTech Track Introduction
feat. Keith Eadie
Watch Starting: 9:05 AM  ●  Tech Stars Stage Millennials, Gen-Xers and Boomers and Their Views on Digital Advertising
feat. Keith Eadie, Tanya Dua
Watch Starting: 9:15 AM  ●  Insight Drivers Stage Laws of Audience Attraction Track Introduction
feat. Ed Renicker
Watch Starting: 9:15 AM  ●  Impact Makers Stage Get Out the Vote: How Brands Can Message and Mobilize for the 2020 Elections
feat. Derrick Feldmann, Lydia Polgreen, Seth Flaxman, Gabrielle Schaefer, Corley Kenna
Watch Starting: 9:15 AM  ●  Entertainers Stage Could the Future of Advertising Be Inspired By Game Design?
feat. Heiko Wenczel, Julie Babb, Ricky Bacon, Sarah Stringer, Nathan Phillips
Watch Starting: 9:30 AM  ●  Insight Drivers Stage Buying Media to Buying Audiences: The Evolution That is Changing the Industry
feat. Angela Steele, Ed Renicker, Matt Kramer, Julie Anson, Leah Casterlin
Watch Starting: 9:30 AM  ●  NewGen Stage Times Up Workshop
Watch Starting: 10:00 AM  ●  Ad Shapers Stage Internal Incubators – Reinventing the Heritage Brand
feat. Brian Baker, Dhanusha Sivajee, David VanderWaal, Christina Ferzli
Watch Starting: 10:00 AM  ●  Deep Dives Stage Deep Dive: Fernando Machado
feat. Fernando Machado
Watch Starting: 10:00 AM  ●  Workshop Stage Live Neuroscience Demo: Understanding How the Brain Opens Consumers' Hearts
feat. Spencer Gerrol
Watch Starting: 10:00 AM  ●  Ad Shapers Stage How Brands Operate In The Experience Economy
feat. Ed Pilkington
Watch Starting: 10:05 AM  ●  Tech Stars Stage Discover Talk: Privacy and Digital Marketing: Five Predictions for 2020
feat. Lauren Fisher
Watch Starting: 10:15 AM  ●  Tech Stars Stage The Transparency Game: The Problems, Fall Outs & Solutions for AdTech
feat. Andy Sriubas, Erin "Mack" McKelvey, Kyle Dozeman, Thomas Pasquet
Watch Starting: 10:15 AM  ●  Impact Makers Stage Brand Belonging: The Next Frontier in Brand Building
feat. J. Walker Smith, Tatyana Mamut, Bruce Kelley, Ronak Patel, Jack Koch
Watch Starting: 10:15 AM  ●  Culture Builders Stage Power of Audio Summit
feat. Bret Kinsella, Gina Garrubbo, Pranav Yadav, Felix Salmon, Tom Webster, Audrey Arbeeny, Sabrina Caluori, Abbey Klaassen, Rob Walker
Watch Starting: 10:15 AM  ●  Entertainers Stage Twitch Esport Summit
feat. Brian Lancey, Katrina Palanca, Nathan Lindberg, Nicole Pike, Sarah Iooss, Steve Arhancet
Watch Starting: 10:30 AM  ●  Insight Drivers Stage The Future of TV Is Now: How Brands are Scaling Success in Connected TV
feat. Beth-Ann Eason, Allyson Witherspoon, Laurent Faracci, Alexandra Bruell
Watch Starting: 10:30 AM  ●  Story Crafters Stage Going Beyond Instagram with Influencer Marketing: Featuring Grubhub
feat. Bradley Hoos, Jessica Burns
Watch Starting: 10:30 AM  ●  NewGen Stage I AM HUMAN
feat. Anastasia Kuznetsova, David Shing, Mia Powell, Resh Sidhu
Watch Starting: 10:45 AM  ●  Roundel Stage @ IMAX Sparks, signals, stories: What work that works looks like on YouTube
feat. Tara Walpert Levy, Nick Reggars, Lyle Underkoffler, Lisa Pickles, Kim Thompson, Tiffany Rolfe
Watch Starting: 11:00 AM  ●  Workshop Stage Audience First: How to Start and End With Your Audience When Buying TV
feat. Kalyan Lanka, Ed Davis, Philip Smolin, Danielle Seth
Watch Starting: 11:00 AM  ●  Ad Shapers Stage Goldman Sachs Goes Main Street—How a 150-Year-Old Financial Institution Began Marketing to Consumers
feat. Dustin Cohn, Julia Boorstin
Watch Starting: 11:05 AM  ●  Impact Makers Stage Discover Talk: The Rise of Soloism and Birth of the Aloneness Economy
feat. Sarah Rabia
Watch Starting: 11:15 AM  ●  Impact Makers Stage Marketing in the Trump Era
feat. Amani Al-Khatahtbeh , Detavio Samuels, David Jones, Juan Bonilla, Greg Brossia
Watch Starting: 11:15 AM  ●  Tech Stars Stage Open Parks v. Walled Gardens: Fighting to Restore Balance in Digital Advertising
feat. Tim Cadogan, Erica Schmidt, Scott Howe, Karima Zmerli, Martin Swant
Watch Starting: 11:30 AM  ●  Insight Drivers Stage Seeing Your Customer in 3-D: A MUST For Any Media Strategy
feat. Andrea Zapata, Betsy Rella, Bryson Gordon, Justin Evans, Parker Burgess
Watch Starting: 11:30 AM  ●  Impact Makers Stage Marketing in the Trump Era
feat. David Jones
Watch Starting: 11:30 AM  ●  NewGen Stage Finding Your Own Leadership Style In A World of Dated Paradigms
feat. Ambika Pai, Colleen Leddy, Naz Riahi, Patty Carnevale, Marissa Shrum, Stacy Fuller
Watch Starting: 12:00 PM  ●  Workshop Stage The New Demand Side Digital Medium
feat. Barry Frey, Debbie Drutz, Irina Zelster, Larry Newman, Mike Fisher, Pete Miles
Watch Starting: 12:00 PM  ●  Roundel Stage @ IMAX Taking Back Control of The Relationship Between Your Brand and Consumers
feat. Arthur Sadoun, Suzanne Vranica
Watch Starting: 12:15 PM  ●  Tech Stars Stage The Future is Transparent: Building Trust in AdTech
feat. Vijay Rao, David Markel, Paolo Provinciali, Luke Lambert, Dan Callahan, Lauren Silva
Watch Starting: 12:20 PM  ●  Entertainers Stage Discover Talk: Gen Z and Brands: What You Need to Know about Engaging Preteen Gamers
feat. Carter Rogers
Watch Starting: 12:30 PM  ●  Insight Drivers Stage Reaching Audiences in a Fragmented World
feat. Jason Swartz, Marc Cestaro, Caitlin Schell, Carrie Xu
Watch Starting: 12:30 PM  ●  Entertainers Stage When the K in KPI Stands for Kids
feat. Ann Hand, Chad Stoller
Watch Starting: 12:30 PM  ●  Story Crafters Stage Let's Hear It For Audio: Making Your Brand Heard
feat. Greg Anderson, Michelle Castillo, Rob Davis, Rahul Sabnis
Watch Starting: 12:30 PM  ●  NewGen Stage Why Video Matters: Building Your Creative Strategy for Mobile
feat. Rebecca Kortenius
Watch Starting: 12:30 PM  ●  Culture Builders Stage Sonic Boom
feat. Jake Jolly, Ken Lagana, Margaux Ravis, Oskar Serrander, Ruth Mortimer
Watch Starting: 12:45 PM  ●  Culture Builders Stage Feel the Story: Emotionally Immersive Storytelling
feat. Hernan Lopez
Watch Starting: 12:50 PM  ●  Ad Shapers Stage Discover Talk: In Search of the Humble Brand
feat. Steve Nottingham
Watch Starting: 1:00 PM  ●  Workshop Stage Learn How Live Nation Uses Data to Connect Brands With Fans!
feat. Jake Pryszlak, Anubhav Mehrotra
Watch Starting: 1:00 PM  ●  Roundel Stage @ IMAX Instagram, Stories and the Cultural Conversation
feat. Jim Squires, Cleo Wade, Randy Goldberg, Amy Avery
Watch Starting: 1:00 PM  ●  Story Crafters Stage A New Wave in Storytelling
feat. Jenny Han, Michelle Weiner
Watch Starting: 1:05 PM  ●  Tech Stars Stage Discover Talk: The Future of Programmatic
feat. Louis Jones, Sherrill Mane
Watch Starting: 1:15 PM  ●  Impact Makers Stage How Global Brands Can Engage With The Real LATAM Customer
feat. Alex Garnica, Fabiola Vega, Rosario Zavala, Sandra Triana
Watch Starting: 1:15 PM  ●  Tech Stars Stage Programmatic & The Future of Automation
feat. Catherine Dale, David Skinner, Erica Schmidt, John Gentry, Rob Rasko
Watch Starting: 1:15 PM  ●  Roundel Stage @ IMAX Stepping Outside of the Arena
feat. Julia Boorstin, Guru Gowrappan, Serena Williams
Watch Starting: 1:30 PM  ●  Insight Drivers Stage From TV to Digital- and Back: Why DTC Brands Rewrote Their Media Strategies
feat. Charlie Holmes, Danielle DeLauro, Jo Kinsella, Karen Phillips, John Lippman
Watch Starting: 1:30 PM  ●  Entertainers Stage Authentic Stories In Manufactured Worlds: How To Speak 'Gamer'
feat. Andrea Hopelain, Jonathan Stringfield, Peter Letz, Rodolfo Landeros, Sarah Iooss
Watch Starting: 1:30 PM  ●  Story Crafters Stage Makeup: Breaking the Barriers of Influence
feat. Amanda Perelli, MannyMUA Gutierrez
Watch Starting: 1:30 PM  ●  NewGen Stage The Great Client Partner: Soft Skills Workshop
feat. Jared Belsky
Watch Starting: 1:45 PM  ●  Culture Builders Stage Maximizing The Podcast Opportunity for Brands
feat. J.D. Crowley, Max Linsky, Jenna Weiss-Berman
Watch Starting: 2:00 PM  ●  Ad Shapers Stage Experiential Branding: How to Ignite Consumer Love
feat. Sharon Byers, Paul Bellantone, Jason Eano, Andrea Cherng, Megan Robles, Joan Bluestone Landorf
Watch Starting: 2:00 PM  ●  Workshop Stage Future-Proof Brand Media Strategies
feat. Daniel Bischoff
Watch Starting: 2:00 PM  ●  Story Crafters Stage Inside the Zeitgeist: Conversations Shaping Culture
feat. God-is Rivera, Lisa Cowie, Amanda Butler, Jim Issokson
Watch Starting: 2:15 PM  ●  Impact Makers Stage Redefining the Luxury Automotive Segment Among Hispanics
feat. Gina Jorge, Marina Filippelli
Watch Starting: 2:15 PM  ●  Tech Stars Stage In-App Quality and Measurability
feat. Eleanor Chaney, Paulina Klimenko, Jean Fitzpatrick, Felix Zeng
Watch Starting: 2:25 PM  ●  Insight Drivers Stage Grabbing Headlines: The Intersection of Trust & News
feat. Marinn Jackson, Lydia Polgreen, Dan Klaidman, Lou Paskalis
Watch Starting: 2:30 PM  ●  Entertainers Stage Time for Equal Sports Coverage: It’s crucial #WomenWorthWatching are seen now
feat. Lara Herzer, Nicole Kankam, Caiti Donovan, Jennifer Zimmerman, Alyse LaHue
Watch Starting: 2:30 PM  ●  Roundel Stage @ IMAX How Does Google Market Google?
feat. Marvin Chow
Watch Starting: 2:30 PM  ●  Story Crafters Stage Influencing Culture: The Participation Playbook
feat. Alex Josephson, Katrina Dodd, Shanna Wollack, Rahul Shah
Watch Starting: 2:30 PM  ●  NewGen Stage Personal Branding
feat. Daniel Robinson
Watch Starting: 2:45 PM  ●  Culture Builders Stage Beyond $1 Billion: What's Next for the Podcast Industry?
feat. Nick Southwell-Keely, Grant Durando, Janet Levine, Marlon Calbi
Watch Starting: 3:00 PM  ●  Ad Shapers Stage Captify Seminar
Watch Starting: 3:00 PM  ●  Workshop Stage Beyond Diversity Talk: A Workshop on Turning Intentions into Actions, Now.
feat. Tiffany Edwards
Watch Starting: 3:00 PM  ●  Ad Shapers Stage M4G
feat. Francisco Crespo
Watch Starting: 3:15 PM  ●  Impact Makers Stage Talk To Me: An Initiative Designed For Brands To Leverage In The Fight To Combat America’s Opioid Epidemic
feat. Vice Admiral Jerome M. Adams, M.D., M.P.H., Nikki Sixx, Dr Grant Baldwin, Randy Grimes, Robert Kramer Sr., John Hindman, Alex Cameron, Carolyn Cawley, Sean Howard
Watch Starting: 3:15 PM  ●  Tech Stars Stage AMA: Techlash is Here: What it Means for Marketers & Consumers in China & US
feat. Jenny Rooney, Geoffrey Colon , Jon Schulz, Edwin Wong , Ashish Patel , Karen McFarlane
Watch Starting: 3:30 PM  ●  Entertainers Stage Chipotle + TSM = A Winning Combination (In More Ways Than One)
feat. Annie Pei, Brad Sive, Chris Brandt
Watch Starting: 3:30 PM  ●  Insight Drivers Stage The Streaming Wars Paved the Way For An Ad-Supported OTT World
feat. Maggie Mesa, Megan Graham , Jason DeMarco, Jason White, Marc Bourget
Watch Starting: 3:30 PM  ●  NewGen Stage Hacking Inclusion: A Rare Workshop
feat. Tolu Farinto
Watch Starting: 3:45 PM  ●  Culture Builders Stage Unlock The Power of Music
feat. Eric Johnson, Chris Clark, Theresa Notartomaso, Salo Sterental, Emma Quigley, Rachel Rauch
Watch Starting: 3:45 PM  ●  Roundel Stage @ IMAX Design For Inspiration, Not Interruption.
feat. Andréa Mallard, Dr. Laurie Santos
Watch Starting: 4:00 PM  ●  Ad Shapers Stage How & Why to Rebrand When You're a Household Name
feat. Barbara Pandos, David Marine, David Vinjamuri, Drayton Martin, Scott Weisenthal
Watch Starting: 4:00 PM  ●  Workshop Stage Save the Planet and Win a Grand Prix
feat. Boaz Paldi, Christoph Becker, Tina Allan, Bruce Reynolds
Watch Starting: 4:00 PM  ●  Impact Makers Stage 20/20: Politics & Advertising
feat. Harris Diamond, Lydia Polgreen, Mark Penn
Watch Starting: 4:15 PM  ●  Impact Makers Stage Gun Safety Alliance Presents: How Business Leaders Are Needed To Make This Country Safer
feat. Andrew Ross Sorkin, Manuel Oliver, Matthew McCarthy, Richard Edelman, Tim Armstrong, Wendy Clark
Watch Starting: 4:15 PM  ●  Tech Stars Stage The Shift from Brand Safety to Brand Suitability
feat. Tony Marlow, Yale Cohen, Lisa Valentino, Maria Breza, Pranav Yadav
Watch Starting: 4:30 PM  ●  NewGen Stage AD Club NY Young Pros
feat. Jayme Maultasch, Regina Guinto, Vonda LePage
Watch Starting: 4:30 PM  ●  Insight Drivers Stage TV + Attribution: A Modern Day Love Story
feat. Kathy Newberger, Matt Krepsik, Michael Scott, Bob Ivins, Craig Berkley, Tom McLoughlin
Watch Starting: 4:30 PM  ●  Story Crafters Stage Marketing for The People, By The People
feat. Mark D'Arcy
Watch Starting: 4:30 PM  ●  Entertainers Stage ESports - The Future of Sponsored Competition
feat. Angel Mendoza, Brian Lancey, Naz Aletaha
Watch Starting: 4:45 PM  ●  Culture Builders Stage How Bumble Continues to Level the Playing Field with the Power of Music
feat. Laura Hutfless, Chelsea Maclin, Courtney Trucksess , Kristina Monllos
Watch Starting: 5:00 PM  ●  Roundel Stage @ IMAX DISNEY PRESENTS BOLD STORYTELLING
feat. Mike Greenberg, Enes Kanter, Dominique Jackson, Cory Richards, Josann McGibbon
Watch Starting: 5:00 PM  ●  Ad Shapers Stage It's Never Too Late To Innovate
feat. Stephanie Gutnik, Geoffrey Colon , Kumar Doshi, Gabriela McCoy, Ali Miller, Colleen Stauffer
Watch Starting: 5:00 PM  ●  Workshop Stage The Future of News Media?
feat. Jonny Kaldor
Watch Starting: 5:00 PM  ●  Ad Shapers Stage The Art of the Turnaround: The Chipotle Story
feat. Chris Brandt, Paul Birks-Hay, Katie Kempner
Watch Starting: 5:15 PM  ●  Impact Makers Stage Inside Live From The Artist's Den
Watch Starting: 5:15 PM  ●  Tech Stars Stage FIVE LIVE
feat. Jake Moskowitz, Jeremy Kaplan, Jeremy Lockhorn, Mike Moreau
Watch Starting: 5:20 PM  ●  Story Crafters Stage Discover Talk: Dovetale
feat. Mike Schmidt
Watch Starting: 5:20 PM  ●  Insight Drivers Stage Unlocking the Power of Addressability for All
feat. Kelly Abcarian, Tracey Scheppach, David Campanelli, Bryson Gordon, Scott Rosenberg, Laura Nelson
Watch Starting: 5:30 PM  ●  Story Crafters Stage Influencer Marketing #trustissues
feat. Adam Williams, Jeff Semones , Sean Lynch , Max Twitty, Katie Deighton, Finian Sedgwick
Watch Starting: 5:30 PM  ●  NewGen Stage Squarespace Seminar
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