Watch Starting: 9:00 AM  ●  Workshop Stage BRANDING FOR AN IMPATIENT WORLD
feat. Richard Sunderland
Watch Starting: 10:00 AM  ●  Workshop Stage Social Shorts: Q&A with Leading Minds in Social Media
feat. Scott Levy, Ken Madrigal, Hetal Patel, Kiran Goojha, Margaret Fontana
Watch Starting: 11:00 AM  ●  Workshop Stage From Boxes of Crayons to Boxed Wine: How Betches Helped Franzia Stay Relevant 
feat. Carrie Dino, Jeff Dubiel, Shoshannah Cutler
Watch Starting: 12:00 PM  ●  Workshop Stage Your Ads Are Viewable, But Are They Memorable?
feat. Ryan McConville
Watch Starting: 1:00 PM  ●  Workshop Stage Driving brand value with emotional intelligence in content
feat. Stephan Beringer, Spencer Gerrol, Nobles Crawford, Deidre Smalls-Landau, Kyle O’Brien
Watch Starting: 2:00 PM  ●  Workshop Stage Gamers are Losers - Twitch Dispels This and Other Gaming Myths
feat. Anthony Danzi , Erin Joyce
Watch Starting: 3:00 PM  ●  Workshop Stage Early Adopters Drive Performance on Quora
feat. JD Prater
Watch Starting: 4:00 PM  ●  Workshop Stage GenZers' Crash Course on Gen Z
feat. Ziad Ahmed
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