Watch Starting: 9:15 AM  ●  Impact Makers Stage Cultural Fluency: The Competitive Advantage
feat. Monique Nelson, Alvin Bowles, Deborah Bial, Ryan Letada, Belinda J. Smith
Watch Starting: 10:15 AM  ●  Impact Makers Stage The Power of Purpose: What Does it Mean for a Company to be Values-Based and Purpose-Driven?
feat. Diego Scotti, Michael Roth
Watch Starting: 11:15 AM  ●  Impact Makers Stage Brands Getting It Right With The 50+
feat. Martha Boudreau, Dr. Rebecca Swift, Jeff Stamp, Bill Yates
Watch Starting: 12:15 PM  ●  Impact Makers Stage What It Means To Be Inclusive
feat. Stephen Freitas, Elaine Cox, MJ DePalma, Christine Fruechte, Smita Pillai
Watch Starting: 1:05 PM  ●  Impact Makers Stage Discover Talk: Dear Industry, Let’s Talk About Mental Illness
feat. Mike Caguin
Watch Starting: 1:15 PM  ●  Impact Makers Stage Inclusion: Ageism, Mental Health, Equity for All
feat. Aaron Harvey, Heather Tinsley-Fix, Lukeisha Paul, Simon Fenwick, Mike Caguin
Watch Starting: 2:15 PM  ●  Impact Makers Stage Heat: The Value of Diversity in Advertising
feat. Maggie Gross, Lindsay Wade, Elaine Cox, Devon Dickau
Watch Starting: 3:15 PM  ●  Impact Makers Stage Inclusive Marketing, Optimizing Business and Life
feat. MJ DePalma
Watch Starting: 4:05 PM  ●  Impact Makers Stage LAUGH OUT LOUD Presents: The Impact of Comedy in Color
feat. Thai Randolph
Watch Starting: 4:15 PM  ●  Impact Makers Stage Let’s talk about bias. Let’s talk about The Look
feat. Eric T. Austin, Jayanta Jenkins, Keith Cartwright, Kwame Taylor-Hayford
Watch Starting: 5:15 PM  ●  Impact Makers Stage Are You New Majority Ready™ ?
feat. Tim Castree, Mónica Gil, Rosemary Mercedes, Wendell A. Scott, Oswald Mendez, Sasha Savic
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