Watch Starting: 9:15 AM  ●  Insight Drivers Stage People Based Marketing Track Intro: The 'Open' Opportunity in Digital Advertising
feat. Todd Parsons
Watch Starting: 9:30 AM  ●  Insight Drivers Stage Building a Brand on Mobile
feat. Elizabeth Primm, Jean Fitzpatrick, Kimberley Gardiner, Jeff Nicholson, Rich Frankel, Lauren Johnson
Watch Starting: 10:30 AM  ●  Insight Drivers Stage Climbing Over Walls: Real People Data In An Automated World
feat. Andrew Casale, Gayatri Bhalla, Dave Peterson, Brian Andersen, Amy Lanzi
Watch Starting: 11:30 AM  ●  Insight Drivers Stage The Key to Fixing Digital Advertising's 'Identity' Crisis: People
feat. Todd Parsons, Travis Clinger, Tish Whitcraft, John Terrana, Chad Engelgau
Watch Starting: 12:30 PM  ●  Insight Drivers Stage New Channels for Customer Acquisition for the Performance Marketer
feat. Josh Palau, Melissa Grady, Lung Huang, Kari Marshall, Jessica Ciliento, Steve Bagdasarian
Watch Starting: 1:30 PM  ●  Insight Drivers Stage Omni Customer Is The New Omni Channel
feat. Dani Cushion, Shannon Versaggi, Jon Gibson
Watch Starting: 2:30 PM  ●  Insight Drivers Stage New Data-Driven Strategies Using Data for Good
feat. Drew May, Asaf Evenhaim, Hilary Gentile, Benjamin Mark Rolnik
Watch Starting: 3:30 PM  ●  Insight Drivers Stage Data As An Insight. Data As An Asset.
feat. Kristen Williams, Jason White, Audrey Steele, Darren Olive
Watch Starting: 4:30 PM  ●  Insight Drivers Stage Creating and Disrupting Brand Loyalty Through Mobile Apps
feat. Anne Frisbie, Vinny Rinaldi
Watch Starting: 5:20 PM  ●  Insight Drivers Stage Navigating Identity and Privacy in the Age of Regulation
feat. Sarah Sluis, Benjamin Dick, Orchid Richardson, Steve Silvers, Chris Beck, Jason White
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