Watch Starting: 9:00 AM  ●  Ad Shapers Stage Collaboration Among New World Brands
feat. Eric Ashworth, Jim Norton, John Puterbaugh, Ph.D., Lorna Sommerville, Sarah Pierson, Ramona Biliunas
Watch Starting: 10:00 AM  ●  Ad Shapers Stage Uncovering Consumer’s Emotions Based on Behaviors
feat. Melanie Allen, Pete Stein
Watch Starting: 11:00 AM  ●  Ad Shapers Stage Consulting with Creativity: How do you make it work?
feat. Cenk Ursavas, William Martino, Katie Baldwin, Mark Truss
Watch Starting: 11:50 AM  ●  Ad Shapers Stage Discover Talk: Creatively Promoting Your Agency: Crashing Cannes with #freedroga
feat. Sandy Greenberg, Terri Meyer
Watch Starting: 12:00 PM  ●  Ad Shapers Stage Collaborate to Create
feat. Otto Bell, Dan Aversano, Amy Leifer, Ryan Joe, Jon Holding
Watch Starting: 1:00 PM  ●  Ad Shapers Stage In It Together
feat. Peter Maxmin, Carolyn Tisch Blodgett
Watch Starting: 2:00 PM  ●  Ad Shapers Stage Cirque du Soleil and Sid Lee: Stories, Examples and Lessons of Co-Creation
feat. Kristian Manchester, Sheila Morin
Watch Starting: 3:00 PM  ●  Ad Shapers Stage The Future of Programmatic: Promise, Perception and Reality
feat. Nicolas Bidon, Marla Kaplowitz, Brian Braiker, Jon Mansell, Marc Mallett
Watch Starting: 5:00 PM  ●  Ad Shapers Stage Creating Truly Connected Experiences
feat. Eric Ashworth, Jason Kuperman, Judith Hammerman, Liz Ross
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