Watch Starting: Mon, September 23 at 1:30 PM  ●  NewGen Stage

Raising the New Gen: a Frank Conversation Between a Mentor and His Mentees

It only takes one person to change your career. One person to support you, endorse you, believe in you and ultimately propel you forward. TBWA\Chiat\Day CCO Chris Beresford-Hill has been this person for two young creatives, and while they openly speak about the impact he’s had on their careers, it hasn’t always been easy.

Join us as Campaign's Lindsay Stein moderates a conversation between Beresford-Hill and Avi Steinbach and Laura Vancil, as they explore the role of a professional mentor in agency world.
Chris Beresford-Hill Chief Creative Officer TBWAChiatDay New York
Laura Vancil Copywriter TBWAChiatDay New York
Avi Steinbach Associate Creative Director TBWAChiatDay New York
Lindsay Stein U.S. Editor Campaign
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