Watch Starting: Mon, September 23 at 2:15 PM  ●  Impact Makers Stage

Heat: The Value of Diversity in Advertising

Diversity is top of mind in the ad industry, but are ads actually getting more diverse? And does it really matter to the brands' business? Heat has developed a way to measure the impact of diversity within advertising, and can show what getting it right (and wrong) mean to the bottom line. In this seminar, we'll share the insights we learned about what makes an ad truly diverse, the business impact it has, and dig into the deeper industry obstacles stagnating diverse advertising.

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Maggie Gross Head of Strategy, New York Heat + Deloitte Digital
Lindsay Wade Strategist Heat + Deloitte Digital
Elaine Cox Executive Creative Director Heat
Devon Dickau Human Capital and Diversity & Inclusion Consulting Practice Lead Deloitte
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