Watch Starting: Mon, September 23 at 11:15 AM  ●  Tech Stars Stage

How to Effectively Message and Reach Customers Who Are Trying to Tune You Out

Reaching the right audiences is about seeing people behind numbers, respecting their privacy and understanding what they want and need. Messaging custom audiences for omni-channel activation delivers a clear, concise and consistent message and stream of communication to attract and retain customers. This session will explore how advanced analytics and machine learning techniques enable activation of best-suited audiences across integrated online and offline channels to effectively reach custom audiences across all channels.

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Stacey Hawes President, Data Practice Epsilon and Conversant
Lung Huang Head of Growth Solutions Mars Petcare
Heather Steiger Senior Marketing Manager Freshly
James Hercher Reporter AdExchanger
Steven Abrahamson Vice President, Direct Response National Audubon Society
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