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Reinventing Retail – How to Think Like DTC Startups

In today's retail environment, it may seem that only the digitally strong will survive, but online upstarts are proving physical retail is still part of a well-rounded customer experience. As they step into channels like brick and mortar and wholesale, these brands aim to deliver a holistic customer experience to their already digitally-connected following. In an ever-evolving landscape, DTC brands are reinventing the consumer journey, experimenting with customer service and retail concepts, both physically and digitally. View More
Nate Checketts Co-Founder & CEO Rhone
Johannes Quodt Co-Founder & CEO Koio
David Heath Co-Founder & CEO Bombas
Melissa Mash CEO & Co-Founder Dagne Dover
Shareen Pathak Managing Director, Editorial Products Digiday
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