Watch Starting: Mon, September 23 at 11:30 AM  ●  Entertainers Stage

Redefining Your TV Advertising Measurement Strategy for the Future

As the TV landscape continues to evolve in complexity, advertisers are tasked with assembling the right tools to measure the consumer experience seamlessly across channels. In this panel, we'll explore how some of the world's largest brands are advancing their measurement practices in a way that is redefining what's possible in TV to deliver real business impact and what they are doing to prepare themselves for a future with TV fully integrated into the digital ecosystem.

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Kyle Johnson Advanced TV Measurement Lead Adobe Advertising Cloud TV
Lauren Johnson Senior Advertising Reporter Business Insider
Nicole Whitesel EVP, Advanced TV Publicis Media
Denise Colella Senior Vice President, Advanced Advertising Products & Strategy NBCUniversal
Kelly Abcarian General Manager, Advanced Video Advertising Nielsen
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