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Megan Clarken

Megan Clarken is Global President of Watch for Nielsen, the world’s largest research company with a market cap of $16.13 billion and more than 40,000 associates across 106 countries.

In 2004, Megan commenced her career with Nielsen as part of an acquisition of the world’s leading digital measurement company NetRatings, where she held the position of Product Leader. Over the following 10 years, she progressed to the position of Global President of Watch, the segment of Nielsen’s business that provides media and advertising clients audience measurement services across all devices – television, radio, online and mobile – where content is consumed. As architect and executor of Nielsen’s Total Audience Strategy and Product Delivery, her initiative has solved an insurmountable issue for the media industry, has spearheaded Nielsen into the world’s preeminent position in cross platform media measurement and has helped create billions in shareholder value.
Megan has direct control of ~$1B of spend as Nielsen’s product lead globally and is accountable to ~$3B+ of revenue across 45 markets including the US, China, India, Italy, Germany and Australia.
Megan represents Nielsen to the investment community and key stakeholders through frequent public speaking appearances, op-eds and other commentary in the press globally. She is most recently the recipient of the prestigious ASI Speakers Award and the Broadcasting & Cable Wonder Woman of 2016 award.

She is a New Zealand native and qualifier for the Seoul 1988 Summer Olympic Games for the Long Jump.


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