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Dave Luhr

Dave Luhr has over three decades of experience in this business. His advertising career began at DFS (now Saatchi) and ChiatDay. In 1986, Dan Wieden and David Kennedy hired him to run the Nike business at Wieden+Kennedy. After leading the account to some of its greatest work, Dave became managing director of the Portland office and partner.

In 2006 he became the agency’s first chief operating officer, focused on diversifying W+K’s client roster and strategically building a micro-network of eight offices that has kept creative work strong and costs efficient for clients.

In 2013, Dave became global president of W+K, driving the agency’s long-term goals, future growth and evolution. As an agency stakeholder and trustee, Dave is focused on protecting and fortifying W+K’s fierce independence.


Yes, You Should Start That New Agency You’ve Always Dreamed of, BUT...

Mon, September 25 at 3:00 PM ● 4A's Centennial Stage @ B.B. King

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