The Changing Face of DTC Brands

In this session...

Spurred by new technology and marketing strategies, direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have been steadily rising, but while it may be easier than ever to start a business, it takes more to build a brand. How are the most successful DTC brands cutting through the noise and rising above? Hear from Shopify CMO, Jeff Weiser and some of the most beloved DTC brands with a big consumer following about how they established their brands and innovative marketing strategies to make an impact in today's competitive landscape.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How some of the most beloved direct-to-consumer (DTC) merchants with big consumer followings established their brands
  2. How these DTC brands are using new technology and unique marketing strategies to connect with customers
  3. How the most successful DTC brands cut through the noise of today's consumer landscape


Anna Hensel Reporter Modern Retail
Jeff Weiser CMO Shopify
Eneuri Acosta COO HODINKEE
Laura Kraber Co-Founder Fluide

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Event Type Seminar

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