Discover Talk: Create Videos That Mesmerize

In this session...

Stop wasting your time and money and learn how to design videos that dazzle 100% of the time with technology powered by computer vision, a field of artificial intelligence.

If you’ve ever put a child in front of a TV you’ll notice their eyes immediately lock onto the screen—that’s the power of video’s sight, sound, and motion. You may think your brand’s videos could never have the same effect on your adult audience, but the truth is they can. A field of artificial intelligence known as computer vision is giving rise to hyper-detailed insight into precisely which creative decisions catch eyes and which cause your audience to look away. The result? The ability to design videos that dazzle with unprecedented precision. In this presentation, you’ll learn about how this technology works, some of the things it’s revealing, and how to put it to work for your brand. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How a new technology known as computer vision decodes a video frame-by-frame
  2. What this technology is revealing about leading brand's videos
  3. How brands can start using this technology to create more effective videos


Andy Everson VP, Partnerships QuickFrame

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