Collaboration Among New World Brands

Mon, September 23 at 9:00 AM

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Direct to Consumer brands are all the buzz lately, but what do they do when their online growth has reached a plateau? One emerging solution is collaborating to gain larger audiences using a common commerce platform. This behind-the-scenes view of how the new UNBOX ecosystem was developed will provide insights into how D2C brands plan to use the platform to acquire customers faster using online and offline strategies.

The new UNBOX platform launched by dtx is the first direct-to-consumer offline and online ecosystem, revolutionizing the way consumers and brands build direct relationships. In this moderated panel discussion, you'll hear the behind the scenes story on the strategy and development of this unique marketing model directly from dtx executives, partners and brands that have made a commitment to the platform. This will be a fascinating glimpse into the future of commerce. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. On-line and Off-line integration strategies
  2. Customer acquisition strategy in the D2C space
  3. The deep collaboration between dtx and it's marketing partners that led to this revolutionary platform
  4. How brands are collaborating together to obtain a larger customer base on a common platform

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Eric Ashworth Executive VP of Product and Market Strategy Quad
Jim Norton Chief Revenue Officer the dtx company
John Puterbaugh Executive Director of Biz Dev Quad

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