Is Marketing Excellence enough? Find out from Subway, MetLife & Gain Theory

In this session...

In a world of uncertain growth in many sectors, marketing excellence is not a casual matter, nor a task for the faint of heart. Good marketing takes you through the short term, better marketing can put you above the rest, but excellent marketing can be the engine that drives long term sustainable growth.

In this honest conversation, we will hear from three leading marketers who have defined their ‘Marketing Excellence’ - lived the battle, learnt the lessons and delivered real impact.

Marketers are tasked with being growth transformers, mastering a fountain of consumer data, talent and endless sources of inspiration. But what are the building blocks of marketing excellence? What marketing leadership characteristics do we need to get to get there and what behaviors does the organization need to display to make it happen?

We will be finding out from our senior marketing leaders how they navigated their journey, we will be getting under the skin of what marketing excellence means and they will be sharing with us the good, the bad and the ugly in the hope that we can empower more leaders to strive for excellence.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to build marketing excellence in your teams
  2. Insight and learnings from senior marketers who have succesfully built and turned around brands
  3. Skills to drive longe term sustainable growth of your brand


Gemma Greaves Chief Executive The Marketing Society
Roger Mader Chief Marketing Officer Subway
Shawn O'Neal CEO North America Gain Theory
Michelle Froah SVP of Global Marketing Strategy & Sciences MetLife

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