Marketing in the Trump Era

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In last year’s “Marketing in the Trump Era” panel, an attendee prefaced his question with “this is the best Advertising Week panel I ever attended”. Well, we are still in the Trump Era and the same issues we were facing last year still persist. The Wall has given way to ICE and detention centers where families are separated and living in documented deplorable conditions. Mass shootings are rampant. More women are coming forward with accusations of sexual harassment (#MeToo). Unjust police shootings still take place, even with the implementation of police cameras (#BlackLivesMatters). Hate crimes and discrimination against the LGBTQI community still exist. The blatant display of divisiveness within the our Government, and seemingly our country. Thus, we will continue the conversation of how Trump’s presidency has affected us all as advertisers, marketers, and consumers.


Amani Al-Khatahtbeh Editor-In-Chief
David Jones CEO The Cipher Group
Forest Zhang Director of Business Development Epoch Media Group
Greg Brossia EVP Brand Partnerships & Sales Pride Media

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