Discover Talk: CRM Is The New Brand Marketing

In this session...

Brand building used to be something that you did through storytelling and mass marketing. Social was how you kept your brand culturally relevant, email was something you focused on with loyal customers, and data science was primarily a tool for campaign optimization. Despite the world going digital, for many brand marketers art still came before science. But overnight, everything has changed. Small media is now high impact media.

Brand building is not about screaming from mountain tops and huge production budgets. It’s about having highly relevant, targeted, and intimate conversations with customers at scale. Science comes before art. Addressable communications and email can help you grow your brand. Hear what former creative agency leader and GALE’s Chief Brand and Experience Officer, Winston Binch, thinks all marketers need to know about brand building in a data and performance-driven marketing environment. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How marketing technology is reshaping advertising and creativity
  2. What brand marketers can learn from politics
  3. How to re-think your brand marketing strategy and media approach


Winston Binch Chief Brand & Experience Officer GALE

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