Revitalising an Ageing Brand: F1 - the 69 year old start-up

In this session...

Find out how one of the world’s most recognisable sport brands is transforming itself to become a fully sustainable media business in the modern era.

Formula 1 was in an unbalanced and unsustainable state when Liberty Media acquired it. TV audiences declining, and ageing fan base, race attendances down, sponsors dropping out – the sport was not ready for the digital age.

They are embarking on a large scale transformation of the sport, revitalising it both 'on -track' and 'off-track'. As well as making the racing more exciting, they are aiming to understand their fans better and to rebuild the brand.

Creativity is at the heart of how they are enabling this change and bringing the sport into the digital age.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Insights & Analytics at the heart of the strategy
  2. Lessons to marketing in the fast lane
  3. Pivoting a rights holder to being a media & entertainment business


Ellie Norman Director of Marketing & Communications Formula 1

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