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At a time when the role of marketing is being question in multiple organizations and by various stakeholders, Coca-Cola is reimagining “Marketing for Growth”- M4G. Via disciplined fusion of science and art, Coca-Cola is leveraging marketing to re-energize its core, reshape new bets in critical category-country combinations. In short, marketing is driving growth.

More than 2 years ago, Coca-Cola established a Growth function, integrating marketing, commercial and insights function. A radical change for a company that enjoys a golden reputation as one of the premier marketers in the world. Questions came internally and externally: is marketing dead, how will we build brands in the absence of a marketing function. The concerns were valid but our vision was focused on bringing disciplined growth to The Coca-Cola Company. And it all started with our portfolio, our brands.

From robust understanding of the role of brands in the portfolio to killing Zombies, our approach brought depth in understanding the drivers of brand building with growth. The session will cover our approach behind “marketing for growth” as well as many examples from our markets where the application is resulting in growth. View Less


Francisco Crespo Chief Growth Officer Coca Cola

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