Authentic Stories In Manufactured Worlds: How To Speak 'Gamer'

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No other community—online or off—can smell bullshit quite like gamers. Savvy almost to a fault, gamers represent a significant challenge to today’s brand creatives. Win them over and they’re more loyal than anyone. Trigger their BS radar and you’ll lose them forever.

In this discussion, learn why winning over gamers is all about authenticity and the ability to not only speak their language, but learning to know what to say once you have their attention.


Andrea Hopelain Vice President, Global Brand Management and Marketing EA Games
Jonathan Stringfield VP, Global Head of Business Marketing, Measurement and Insights Activision Blizzard Media
Peter Letz Agent, Digital Talent & Packaging CAA
Rodolfo Landeros Host FOX Deportes, "FOX Gamers Elite", NFL, Liga MX
Sarah Iooss Head of Sales, Americas Twitch

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