10:00 AM  ● Stage WSJ One on One
feat. Carolyn Everson, Lara O'Reilly
11:30 AM  ● Stage The CMO Perspective on Trust, Quality & Brand Safety
feat. Tim Cadogan, Raja Rajamannar, Jessica Rodriguez, Meredith Verdone
12:30 PM  ● Stage Developing The Next Generation Of Leaders
feat. Seth Rogin, Matt DelRe, Gail Horwood, Kieran Luke, Micky Onvural, Gretchen Saegh-Fleming
1:30 PM  ● Stage “Be More Pirate”: The Disruptor Series LIVE Podcast
feat. Rob Schwartz, Sam Conniff Allende
2:30 PM  ● Stage Run It Like a Girl
feat. Frances L. Webster, Sandy Greenberg, Seema Miller, Mary Perhach, Megan Graham
3:20 PM  ● Stage Discover Talk: Innovating Beyond the Edge
feat. Tosin Lanipekun
3:30 PM  ● Stage Data Driven Creative
feat. Kyle O’Brien, Jennifer Brett, Richard Guest, Gunnard Johnson
4:30 PM  ● Stage Pioneers & Innovators
feat. Corley Kenna, Meredith Verdone, Jim Joseph
5:20 PM  ● Stage Discover Talk: How useful are you?
feat. Kash Sree
5:30 PM  ● Stage The Creative Carousel
feat. Andrew Strickman, Matt McKay, Tom Murphy, Lauren Nagel, Rob Siltanen
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