10:10 AM  ●  Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty The Brand as Experience
feat. Jerome Hiquet, Kristina Bennin, Spencer Baim, Kenny Mitchell, Howard Handler
11:10 AM  ●  Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty Connecting the Digital & Physical with Native Content
feat. Dave Etherington, Christi Olson
11:40 AM  ●  Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty Media as Experience
feat. Christopher Vollmer, Dan Lovinger, Gary Zenkel, Jim Bell
1:15 PM  ●  Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty New Tech, NewX: Designing Tomorrow’s User’s Experiences Today
feat. David Clarke, Anna Fieler, David Shing, Deb Curtis
2:00 PM  ●  Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty Measuring Emotions: Enhancing User Experience & Ad Effectiveness
feat. Gunnard Johnson, Stefanie Kane, Duane Varan, Jessica Azoulay, Tom Morton
2:45 PM  ●  Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty The Power of the Fan: How to Win Them (& their Friends)
feat. Nicholas Carlson, Gavin Blawie, Jeff Gregor, Walker Jacobs, Christopher Vollmer
3:30 PM  ●  Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty Extending the Live Experience
feat. Sebastian Blum, Andrew Essex, Maureen Ford, Karina Montgomery, Bernardo Spielmann
4:15 PM  ●  Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty Modern World Multiverse: The Physical & Digital Convergence
feat. Patrick Sullivan, Scott McDonald, Allisha Watkins, Andrew Thomas, Ernie Kapanke
5:15 PM  ●  Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty Days of Future Past: How Can Today’s Brands Stay Abreast of the Ever-Changing Music Landscape?
feat. Ardie Farhadieh, Samantha Gongol, Jeremy Llyod, Charles Raggio, Tommy Ringhofer, Marcus Peterzell
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