1:45 PM  ●  Tech Xperience & Workshop Stage Together-ish: How the American Family Connects Through Content
feat. Cindy Davis , Pamela Marsh
9:15 AM  ●  Playstation East Town Hall Series: Snap's Imran Khan with HBO's Richard Plepler in conversation
feat. Richard Plepler, Joanna Coles, Imran Khan
10:00 AM  ●  Target Media Network Stage @ PlayStation FreeWheel Focus: The Evolution of Video
feat. David Clark, James Rooke, Matt Spiegel, David Dworin, Pooja Midha, Adam Gerber, Ying Wang
10:00 AM  ●  Tech Xperience & Workshop Stage Everyday AI: learn how to work smarter using AI capabilities of Office 365
feat. Dasha Zenkovich
10:00 AM  ●  NewGen Stage @ Lucille's Message Tech
feat. B. Bonin Bough, B. Bonin Bough, B. Bonin Bough, Ben Parr, Danny Wright, David Shing, Mark Christou, Ryan Leslie, Sophia Aladenoye, Ford Blakely, Masha Gindler, Patrick Givens, Vince Lynch, Elias Guerra, Vivian Rosenthal, Keith Rinzler, Michael Loeb, Zak Normandin, Rachel Tipograph, Doug Robinson
10:10 AM  ●  Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty The Brand as Experience
feat. Jerome Hiquet, Kristina Bennin, Spencer Baim, Kenny Mitchell, Howard Handler
10:15 AM  ●  Playstation East Winning & Building Your Own Brand
feat. Richard Kirshenbaum, Venus Williams
10:25 AM  ●  4A's Centennial Stage @ B.B. King Creative Shorts
feat. Peter Nicholson, Vann Graves, Michael Wente
10:30 AM  ●  4A's Centennial Stage @ B.B. King Agencies, Clients, and the Need for Trust
feat. Greg Stern, John Deschner, Beth Brady, Jamie Gallo, Peter Nicholson
10:30 AM  ●  Bing Stage Daily Debate: Immersion & Escapism - Is this the Future of Video?
feat. Anthony Iaffaldano, Sarah Bachman, Chris Helm, Bryn Mooser, David Polinchock, Miheer Walavalkar
10:40 AM  ●  Tech Xperience & Workshop Stage The Freakonomics of Youth and Content
feat. Charlie Echeverry
11:10 AM  ●  Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty Connecting the Digital & Physical with Native Content
feat. Dave Etherington, Christi Olson
11:15 AM  ●  4A's Centennial Stage @ B.B. King Unveiling The Authentic 100: Which Brands Made the List?
feat. Brooke Hovey, Lynn Fisher , Kathleen Hall, Michael Boychuk, Franz Paasche
11:15 AM  ●  Bing Stage Creating a New Reality for Marketers – Using VR To Expand a Brand’s Narrative
feat. Ola Björling, Christine Cattano, Jen Dennis, Angus Kneale, Mike Woods
11:15 AM  ●  Playstation East Nasdaq Seminar
11:15 AM  ●  Target Media Network Stage @ PlayStation How to Become a Video First Business
feat. Dave Otten, Justin Festa, Jourdain-Alexander Casale, Jana Meron
11:30 AM  ●  Tech Xperience & Workshop Stage Smart Audio Report: Part 2 from NPR and Edison Research
feat. Tom Webster
11:40 AM  ●  Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty Media as Experience
feat. Christopher Vollmer, Dan Lovinger, Gary Zenkel, Jim Bell
12:00 PM  ●  Bing Stage Mixed Reality and the Future of Ads
feat. Tony Parisi, Julie Shumaker, Agatha Bochenek
12:00 PM  ●  Target Media Network Stage @ PlayStation Total Video & OTT For Premium Brands
feat. Gary Milner, Charlie Chappell, Damian Garbaccio, Allen Klosowski, Tore Tellefsen
12:15 PM  ●  Playstation East Saturday Morning: Making Difference Happen, Impacting Creativity & Business
feat. Keith Cartwright, Geoff Edwards, Kwame Taylor-Hayford, Nicole Cramer
12:15 PM  ●  Tech Xperience & Workshop Stage Attribution: From the Fundamentals to the Unexpected
feat. Seph Zdarko
12:45 PM  ●  4A's Centennial Stage @ B.B. King Trust, Safety & The Pursuit of Transparency
feat. Jason Kint, David Kohl, Sarah Warner, Jess Barrett
12:45 PM  ●  Bing Stage VR Filmmaker Spotlight
feat. Julina Tatlock, Julie Kantrowitz, Lewis Smithingham
12:45 PM  ●  Target Media Network Stage @ PlayStation Masters of Monetizing Content
feat. Betty Liu, John DeVine, Jed Hartman, John Trimble, Sascha Weis
1:15 PM  ●  Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty New Tech, NewX: Designing Tomorrow’s User’s Experiences Today
feat. David Clarke, Anna Fieler, David Shing, Deb Curtis
1:30 PM  ●  4A's Centennial Stage @ B.B. King Radically Transparent: It’s time for Adtech to get serious about transparency
feat. Lara O'Reilly, Jason Fairchild, Scott Gifis, Martin Cass
1:30 PM  ●  Bing Stage Alexa, What's My Voice Strategy? (And my VR strategy, and my...)
feat. Steve Kovach, Susan Panico, Toni Stoeckl, Bachir Zeroual
1:30 PM  ●  Target Media Network Stage @ PlayStation When content, consumers, and consumption collide
feat. Matt Derella, Jason Blanck, Helen Lin, Lou Paskalis, Ben Smith
1:45 PM  ●  Tech Xperience & Workshop Stage ASO: Why You Need it, How to do it, & What the Future Holds
feat. Steve DeAngelis, Bolong Li, Adam Rakib, Peter Yoon
2:00 PM  ●  Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty Measuring Emotions: Enhancing User Experience & Ad Effectiveness
feat. Gunnard Johnson, Stefanie Kane, Duane Varan, Jessica Azoulay, Tom Morton
2:15 PM  ●  4A's Centennial Stage @ B.B. King What Can Marketers Learn From Fearless Girl?
feat. Devika Bulchandani, Stephanie Paterik, Eric Silver, Stephen Tisdalle
2:15 PM  ●  Bing Stage Q Umbono
feat. Jimmy Smith, Dr. Michael Gervais, Dr. David E. Martin, Dr. William E. Wismann
2:15 PM  ●  Playstation East The Brands That Matter Now
feat. Hamdi Ulukaya, Bob Safian, Melanie Whelan
2:15 PM  ●  Target Media Network Stage @ PlayStation Streaming Is The New Black
feat. Mike Shields, Serge Kassardjian, Albert Lai, Kym Nelson, Eddie Vaca, Alex Wallace
2:30 PM  ●  Tech Xperience & Workshop Stage Small Change, Big Dollars: Post-purchase Journey Drives Bottom Line Success
feat. Michael Trapani
2:45 PM  ●  Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty The Power of the Fan: How to Win Them (& their Friends)
feat. Nicholas Carlson, Gavin Blawie, Jeff Gregor, Walker Jacobs, Christopher Vollmer
3:00 PM  ●  4A's Centennial Stage @ B.B. King Creative Partnership Unpacked: JPMorgan Chase & Droga5
feat. James Ledbetter, Susan Canavari, Sarah Thompson
3:00 PM  ●  Bing Stage Crafting Immersive Experiences: A New Language in Storytelling?
feat. Greg Bond, Gabo Arora, David Larkin, Kyle Ranson-Walsh, Molly DeWolf Swenson, Mia Tramz
3:00 PM  ●  Target Media Network Stage @ PlayStation Can Brands Actually Tell a Story in 6 Seconds?
feat. Libby Brockhoff, David Simon, Minda Smiley, Richard Alan Reid
3:15 PM  ●  Tech Xperience & Workshop Stage The New Art Tech
feat. Adam Chandler , Lewis Rothkopf, Hagan Ochsner, Steve Indich
3:30 PM  ●  Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty Extending the Live Experience
feat. Sebastian Blum, Andrew Essex, Maureen Ford, Karina Montgomery, Bernardo Spielmann
3:45 PM  ●  4A's Centennial Stage @ B.B. King In A Post-Truth World, How Should Brands Behave?
feat. Spencer Baim, Keith Weed, Laura Correnti, Nick Nyhan
feat. Cortney Harding, Lauren Johnson, Mike Moreno, Fred Schonenberg, Andrew Turse
3:45 PM  ●  Target Media Network Stage @ PlayStation Making Your Video Make Money
feat. Andrew Smith, Derek Wise
4:00 PM  ●  NewGen Stage @ Lucille's UCB Art of the Pitch: Horizon Media
4:15 PM  ●  Playstation East Fearlessly Funny: Scripted Comedy & The Arms Race for Audience Attention
feat. Pamela Adlon, John Landgraf, Joe Marchese
4:15 PM  ●  Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty Modern World Multiverse: The Physical & Digital Convergence
feat. Patrick Sullivan, Scott McDonald, Allisha Watkins, Andrew Thomas, Ernie Kapanke
4:30 PM  ●  4A's Centennial Stage @ B.B. King So your client can’t pick a side…
feat. Lieutenant Colonel John Caldwell, Spence Kramer, Chris Pollone, Donna Spurrier
4:30 PM  ●  Bing Stage Snapchat: Moments that Matter
feat. Jeff Miller
4:30 PM  ●  Target Media Network Stage @ PlayStation Attention is the New Currency for Advertisers
feat. Jane Clarke, Laura Galietta, Dan Schiffman, Nora Zimmett, David Campanelli
5:15 PM  ●  4A's Centennial Stage @ B.B. King The Wheel of Truth with Digiday
feat. Lindsay Nelson, Debby Reiner, Brian Morrissey
5:15 PM  ●  Bing Stage NYVC Sports
feat. Jeffrey Volk, Mandy Antoniacci, Rich Greenfield, Daniel Cohen, David Portnoy, Paul Fichtenbaum, Bryant McBride, Geoff Reiss
5:15 PM  ●  Playstation East Escape to Margaritaville
feat. Cale Weissman, Christopher Ashley, Jimmy Buffett
5:15 PM  ●  Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty Days of Future Past: How Can Today’s Brands Stay Abreast of the Ever-Changing Music Landscape?
feat. Ardie Farhadieh, Samantha Gongol, Jeremy Llyod, Charles Raggio, Tommy Ringhofer, Marcus Peterzell
5:15 PM  ●  Target Media Network Stage @ PlayStation Programmatic Video In The Converged World
feat. Hervé Brunet, Phil Cowlishaw, Bill Day, Jim Loughran, Shenan Reed, John Snyder
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