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The Digital Ecosystem Of Retail

Seemingly everything we do today is online or digital – so what makes shopping any different? Now is the time of modern commerce in the digital world, allowing brands to evolve how they sell and consumers to evolve how they buy. Traditional retailers must now set their sights on innovative methods to reach consumers and respond to their needs in a way that sets them ahead of the curve. But if 95% of all retail sales are captured with a brick and mortar presence, how can online-only retailers stay up to speed with their retargeting efforts? What other challenges must retailers face as this new wave of retail innovation makes its way into the industry? Leaders across the digital retail ecosystem discuss.

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Frank Weil Chief Customer Officer KWI
Martin Barthel Global Head of eCommerce & Retail Strategy Facebook
Mark Coffey SVP of Strategic Partnerships GasBuddy
Bridget Davies VP of Advertising, eBay North America eBay
Kristo Ovaska Founder & CEO Smartly.io
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