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Machines are Getting More and More Creative: What Will that Mean for the Advertising Industry?

While it’s true that machines don’t feel, they can already draw simple original pictures, compose music, and write copy with correct grammar and punctuation. AI understands the algorithm and rules of evoking emotions through messaging, but not the feelings. At the moment, Artificial Intelligence only has the equivalent of a couple of hundred brain neurons as compared to the 100-billion of our brains. We can teach it a lot of things, but conception, ideation, and context is all a vital human skill. Though it doesn’t seem that machines will be taking away creative marketing jobs anytime too soon, how can you utilize Artificial Intelligence to help develop the best campaigns? Where does AI come in when you’re personalizing advertising content?

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Zach Seward SVP of Product and Executive Editor Quartz
Nikos Acuna Managing Director of the Rocket Fuel Institute & Author of 'Mindshare' RocketFuel
Jarrod Dicker VP of Commercial Product and Innovation, Founder of RED The Washington Post, RED
Ann Rubin VP, Branded Content & Global Creative IBM
Evan Simeone SVP, Product Management PubMatic
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