As business, accounting, and tax advisors to many of the world’s leading Entertainment and Media (E&M) companies, PwC has an insider’s view of trends and developments driving the industry. PwC is deeply committed to providing clients with industry expertise and resources. In recent years, our pioneering work in E&M has included developing strategies to leverage digital technology, extensive research to understand changing customer needs, and marketplace positioning in industries characterised by consolidation and transformation. Our experience reaches across all geographies and segments of the E&M sector, including broadband, radio, wireless, the internet, music, film, television, publishing, broadcasting, advertising and gaming. With thousands of practitioners around the world, we are always close at hand to provide deep industry expertise and resources.


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The Brand as Experience

Thu, September 28 at 10:10 AM ● Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty

Media as Experience

Thu, September 28 at 11:40 AM ● Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty

New Tech, NewX: Designing Tomorrow’s User’s Experiences Today

Thu, September 28 at 1:15 PM ● Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty

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