The Newest Video Trends: The Evolution of Video Track at #AWNewYork


What does the evolution of video mean to you? Everyday new content and video opportunities become a race amongst brands, companies, and agencies on who can get the most innovative video content on multiple screens to extensive audiences. To help you understand the revolution between video and content that’s taking place, Advertising Week and FreeWheel collected the best leaders in the industry that looks at both sides of the relationship between creating a successful video campaign to making the smartest monetization decisions. The Evolution of Video Track, presented by FreeWheel, will take place on September 28th, at #AWNewYork in 2017.

  • Kicking off in the FreeWheel Focus: The Evolution of Video, enjoy an insightful discussion with James Rooke, Ying Wang, David Dworin about premium video consumption, monetization trends, and the initiatives taken to advance The New TV Eco System, presented by FreeWheel.
  • Join CEO & Co-Founder Dave Otten of JW Player lead an engaging conversation about both sides of the supply and demand of creating an impactful video experience among users.
  • Discover how your company can capitalize on connected TV marketing opportunities using over-the-top content from leaders of Fortune 100 brands and video ad serving platform SpotX.
  • How do you generate revenue for your company and still stick to your marketing plan with your targeted demographic? In Masters of Monetizing Content, you’ll figure out how to keep your story telling strategy and still earn revenue from leading Chief Revenue Officers.
  • In When Content, Consumers, and Consumption Collide, presented by Twitter, learn from leading publishers and marketers what it takes to continuously meet millions of highly-engaged users daily in a brand-safe environment.
  • Join the Streaming Is The New Black panel to discuss the evolving world of video and how streaming services are creating a new kind of game for advertisers and viewers.
  • Video is now a major contender in all marketing strategies, but what can you do to make your brand outshine others? In Can Brands Actually Tell a Story in 6 Seconds?, presented by SteelHouse, find out the pros and cons of creating new advertising with 6-second brand stories and 3-second video ads.
  • Publishers and advertisers are now faced with a new challenge: How do you take advantage of video? Join Andrew Smith and Derek Wise in The Next Step In Video Targeting Solutions, presented by Grapeshot, on how your company can grasp the attention of your audience with the estimated billion terabytes worth of video that will run through the internet this year.
  • In Attention Is The New Currency for Advertisers, presented by The Weather Channel and TVision, discover how you can get your audience to pay attention to your brand messages and get more effective ad impressions.
  • On Thursday, September 28th at 5:15 pm, Hervé Brunet will lead a discussion panel on how video convergence is changing the way marketers and video publishers collaborate together to enhance user experiences and create the most compelling stories.

Be sure to check out the entire Evolution of Video Track for even more content presented during #AWNewYork. Passes are available now.

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