The MarTech Track at AWAsia

The MarTech Track at AWAsia


Time and time again, it’s been found that when it comes to marketing, success is heavily reliant on data. But nowadays, simply collecting data isn’t enough. Collecting numbers is a thing of the past — it’s what you do with the numbers that shapes the future. Data, the tell-all for big time marketers and advertisers, is now utilized in a new and innovative way and forced its way to the forefront as a powerful tool that can be used to reach target audiences and find marketing success.

The MarTech Track, presented by Nielsen, breaks down the numbers and uncovers the next era of programmatic, the creative digital content leading the market, and demonstrate how data and technology can drive brands and agencies to success.

In “Digital Trends 2017,” presented with Nielsen, panelists will use Nielsen’s data to consider the changing trends of digital services, what’s happening now in the digital world, and how to better understand consumer behavior in the digital landscape.

Adobe’s “Experience Business: A New Way of Business Focused on the Experience” takes a look at the customer experience and how a business model that focuses on data and content with experience at the core can help businesses stand out from their competitors.

In “Artificial Intelligence and Automation: Friend or Foe to Creativity?,” presented with The Drum, business leaders explore the hype behind AI and automation, and discuss what the industry can be doing to ensure that technology remains a friend, not a foe.

Are Brands Taking Full Advantage of Programmatic,” presented by PubMatic, takes a look at how brands can increase efficiency and make decisions using data-driven insights, and offer a look at the current marketplace.

In “The Expanding E-Commerce Market: Control and Insights from Online Marketplaces,” panelists introduce a new level of e-commerce control and solutions to optimize online presence for brands.

Finally, during “Beyond Advertising: Creating Value Through Data, Tech and Innovation,” presented by Tencent, business leaders explore how data, technology and innovation in social advertising and digital content consumption on multiple platforms are helping brands reach people they care about.

To learn about the MarTech Track, other programming events and more, head over to the Official Calendar.

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