The Leadership Track at #AWAsia

The Leadership Track at #AWAsia


What is effective leadership today? Is it anything that brings monetary value to a company, or is it about creating a culture where people thrive and have a sense of pride in belonging to the organization? Today, the biggest challenges facing modern leaders come from the unexpected changes in talent, technology and the global marketplace.

During Advertising Week Asia, the Leadership + Culture Track will dive into the modern definition of leadership in its many guises. Some of the biggest names in the industry, ranging anywhere from CEOs and CMOs, to creative directors and entrepreneurs, will discuss how and why the most beloved companies today have both vision and purpose which inspires employees to come aboard to be a part of something greater than just the bottom line.

In “McDonald’s Business Turnaround & Customer Engagement in Japan,” Sarah Casanova, CEO of McDonald’s Japan, will discuss how she’s worked to enhance McDonald’s brand and culture in Japan.

During the “APAC Leadership Roundtable,” global leaders, including Charles Zhang, President and CEO of Baidu Japan Inc., join together to discuss the rapidly changing media landscape, and the timeless value of creativity, storytelling and big ideas.

During “The Power Players: Women & Leadership,” leading industry women will come together to explore how despite still having a long way to go before achieving global gender equality, female leaders continue to use their platform to bring visibility to a movement that’s spanned generations.

In “The Future of Work: What Actions Are Key For the Advertising Industry,” leaders from Google explore the future of work in the advertising industry and how to cut working hours, raise productivity, and still maintain quality work for clients.

Finally, during “Does the Marketing Industry Have a Marketing Problem,” presented by The Drum, business leaders look at why the industry is finding it harder to retain and attract talent and how we can come together to right the wrongs.

To learn more about the Leadership + Culture Track and the full list of programming events, head over to the official AWAsia calendar.

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