The D&AD Impact Awards, Featuring a Live Performance from Sting

The D&AD Impact Awards, Featuring a Live Performance from Sting


Marketers in the modern industry have the potential to sway more than just a consumer’s willingness to buy a product – they have the potential to influence cultural conversations, ideologies, and opinions. Because of that, millennials and their wallets are calling for an industry shift, one that aligns a company’s purpose with their profit, forcing the consumer to prioritize what they purchase.

Consumers are more likely, and more willing, to put their money where they know a philanthropic cause will follow – and marketers are taking note. Now, marketers and consumers alike are looking to celebrate the ideas that inspire more than a dollar amount – they transform, impact, and ultimately, contribute towards a better, fairer and more sustainable future for all.

In its inaugural event during Advertising Week 2016, the D&AD Impact Awards will reward the brands and agencies that are doing just that. This new initiative, out of a partnership between D&AD and Advertising Week, was created to inspire agencies to win awards not for awards sake, but to positively affect the way the world works.

A group of jurors comprised of creatives, designers, marketers and business people, will award the various D&AD Pencils based on three criteria: an innovative idea at its core, a measurable impact in its chosen category, and relevance to the business’s commercial needs.

The brands will be classified into 12 categories: Communication and Interaction, Community, Diversity and Equality, Education, Environmental Sustainability, Financial Empowerment, Humanitarian Aid, Health and Wellness, Industry Evolution, Government Engagement, Responsible Production and Consumption, and Urban Living. The awarded pencils include the Graphite Pencil, the Black Pencil, and the prestigious White Pencil.

The perfect embodiment of creativity and philanthropy, Grammy Award winning artist, Sting, will headline a performance to conclude the night’s Impact Awards. Globally recognizable for his role as lead singer of the world-renowned rock band, The Police, Sting’s career later evolved into a solo endeavor that would earn him a reputation as rock-n-roll royalty, and musical success that would span decades.

Ahead of the release of his latest album, 57th and 9th, out for release November 11th, Sting’s live performance at Advertising Week will close out a night of celebrating positive, social change.

The D&AD Impact Awards will take place at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, September 27th at the PlayStation Theater. For more information, head over to

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