The Agency Track at #AWNewYork


The agency world keeps changing thanks to rapid shifts in technology, programmatic, a-la-carte services and the continuing reliance on data. The agency structure is evolving on a near daily basis, and modern agencies must decide if they are going to take the more corporate track by acquiring, or to stay boutique and independent. 

During AWNewYork, the Agency Track explores the evolution of the modern agency world and how it differs from what came before and what will come several years down the road.

In "Advertising Needs a Re-Brand," agency leaders discuss how to re-configure and position creative shops to be compatible with emerging companies that inherently don’t believe in or understand the business changing power of advertising. 

In "GLAAD presents AMPLIFIED: LGBTQ Voices in Advertising," a distinguished panel of top advertising executives offer an in-depth analysis of this year’s most talked about LGBTQ inclusive ads.

During "Is It Possible To Capture Consumer Attention With Advertising?," AcuityAds Chief Strategy Officer Seraj Bharwani will be joined by top brand marketers and agency leads for a spirited discussion on audience attention with best practices and case studies.

In "Driving Diverse Thought: The New Roles & Responsibilities of Clients and Agencies," creative leaders who have made a commitment to diversity and inclusion discuss how to ensure both brands and their agencies have the leadership and insights to connect with America’s increasingly diverse consumers.

During "Creative Partnership Unpacked: JPMorgan Chase & Droga5," panelists explore the challenges & opportunities that come with pulling creativity through an organization that operates in a complex space where the stakes are high.

Finally, in "The Resistance Will Be Advertised," business leaders will explore the dos and don’ts, successes and failures, of brands that have waded into the movement waters. The resistance will be advertised - the question is, who is buying it and at what cost?

To learn more about the Agency Track, head over to the official schedule

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