The New (Virtual) Reality of Advertising: AW Replay

The New (Virtual) Reality of Advertising: AW Replay


During Advertising Week 2016, a host of topical industry themes dominated discussion throughout the over 270 seminars, many of which fixated primarily on technology and its stronghold on the future of business. It’s no secret new innovative technologies, such as virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, are forcing their way into the industry – just take a look at any major headline to read up on what industry leaders have planned with their new VR technology, such as Google and its recently launched fleet of VR headsets. ‚Äč

A series of seminars and workshops throughout The Week sought to dive deeper into the world of virtual and augmented reality by exploring the technology behind it, the marketing potential it allows for, and how these innovative technologies will likely entirely change the consumer experience and the future of marketing as we know it. Listed below are popular seminars from Advertising Week 2016. 

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1. “AR Comes of Age: Pokemon GO, Purpose and Possibility” 

A brandtech discussion between Mathieu de Fayet, VP Strategic Partnerships, Niantic (the developers of Pokémon GO) & David Jones, Founder, You & Mr Jones (early investors in Niantic).

2. “VR is ‘Kids’ Play Lunch, Exclusive Screening and Panel”

Presented by Universal Music Group and the Tribeca Film Festival in partnership with Nokia a buffet lunch and exclusive screenings on VR headsets of multi-platinum selling band OneRepublic’s VR music video for their new single "Kids".

Following the screenings, Ryan Tedder Lead Singer of OneRepublic, VR Director Chris Milk, "Kids" VR video Director Hal Kirkland and representatives from Nokia and UMG join Jane Rosenthal Executive Chair of Tribeca Enterprises to discuss the challenges of storytelling in the new VR medium and how they tackled the creation of this video to create one of the most compelling VR music videos yet seen.

3. “The Virtual Reality Audience Explained”

Engaging consumers in meaningful ways is critical to marketers in a fragmented media world. Virtual Reality provides new opportunities to reach and engage customers with greater relevance and personalization. How do brands tell a better story to the VR consumer when the consumer is present within the content? VR advertising evolves from a story built around product information to an experience that allows the consumer to physically interact with the product being advertised. Meet today's leaders in virtual reality.

4. “The Business Reality Behind Virtual Reality”

2016 is the year that VR went mainstream. VR has the potential to fundamentally transform the audience experience, and opportunities abound. Interest and adoption rates are high and investment is exploding. Meet the leaders who are re-imagining the entertainment experience.

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