Today's Political Climate: AW Replay

Today's Political Climate: AW Replay


From high-strung debates and social unrest, to cryptic political ads and national frustration, the 2016 presidential election is arguably unlike anything the country has witnessed before. Headline after headline, both the good and the bad, have been splashed across any and all forms of media — newspapers, websites, social media and television — prompting what has been said to be the most staunch national interest in politics in decades. With so many eyes and ears tuned in so closely to the 2016 election and its candidates, there’s been a growing importance for the media to provide a truthful and unbiased lens from which the public can make informed decisions. But many have been critical of that lens, and are instead turning to untraditional mediums of media for their information, namely social media. Politicians, too, have more frequently turned to social platforms to not only ingest their information, but to share it. But as politicians use media to connect with the public, what are the disadvantages? How has social media changed, influenced or worsened the way the public engages in political discourse?

During Advertising Week 2016, a series of thought leadership seminars focused in on US politics and the 2016 election. Whether it was debating who won the debates, exploring the role of the media in shaping public opinion, or hearing stories from the campaign trail, industry leaders sought to uncover and dive into the election journey as it began, and consider how it will all end on November 8th. Click below to watch the replay of a few of The Week’s most popular politics and US election sessions and seminars: 

1. The Wild Ride to the White House

Join Katie Couric, Global Anchor for Yahoo News, and a panel of key political influencers for a lively discussion about the unconventional 2016 elections. Fresh off the heels of the first presidential debate, this panel explores the controversies of this election and how the media are covering one of the most sensational Presidential races in history, with today’s digital consumer in mind.

2. What Happened in the First Debate

Nate Silver, editor in chief of renowned data-driven site FiveThirtyEight, joins FiveThirtyEight’s political reporters Clare Malone and Farai Chideya to analyze the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Who won? Who lost? Were there any game-changing moments? The team will also discuss what they expect from the last month of the election and answer audience questions.

3. The (Anti)Social Election

Politicians have long been in the game of using social media to connect with the public and the people, but how has social media changed, influenced or worsened the way the public engages in political discourse? Are our conversations around some of the largest social issues in politics shrinking to the size of our phone screens? Can we really sum up a candidate's position on international policies in 140 characters or less? Listen as industry professionals explore the intersection of social media and politics, and how the marriage of the two has created a political atmosphere completely unique to the digital age.

4. On the Trail

Ever find yourself wondering what a day in the life on the campaign trail would look like? What it would be like aboard the media buses under a tight deadline, or for the brands and businesses who remain engaged with politician's every move in the fast-paced world of politics? Hear directly from those who experience it first hand as reporters, brands and businesses share their campaign trail tales of the exhaustive duties that come with following along, writing about and engaging in the election.

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