Let's Talk Diversity: AW Replay

Let's Talk Diversity: AW Replay


During Advertising Week 2016, the obvious need for racial, cultural and gender diversity in the industry was undoubtedly the most topical, relevant issue of conversation throughout the week. Diversity came up in most, if not all, discussions in some shape or form, and the battle for gender equality in the workplace was arguably the most predominant, overarching theme of the week, leading to a flurry of hashtags like #SeeHer and #WomenNotObjects appearing all over social media. The marketing, advertising, technology and media industries are each facing a seismic shift, one that calls for a diverse, multicultural, multigenerational workforce, and one that holds both its female and male employees on even playing fields.

A series of seminars and workshops throughout The Week leapt immediately into the tough conversations about diversity and equality – or lack thereof – in various industry fields. Many were diversity focused, some addressed industry-wide shortcomings, and others celebrated the distance already covered by calling attention to industry leaders paving the way for future generations. Listed below are popular Diversity and Equality focused seminars from Advertising Week 2016.

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1. The Race to Reunite

Clinton Yates of “The Undefeated” moderates an honest and open discussion about what's happening at the intersection of race and culture in today's sports, entertainment and news industries. The conversation goes beyond the sensationalism and headlines and digs deeper into real issues with an informed conversation. High profile figures across these worlds share their unfiltered perspectives and experiences on these topics that demand real and "solution-forward" discussions right now.

2. We Need to Talk

Do the men and women of the advertising world share similar career aspirations? Do they feel equally supported in getting there? Well, the answer is a resounding no. Foresight Factory and Advertising Week paired up to complete a ground-breaking study to address the issue, and the end result can speak for itself. Young women heading into the industry are in for serious disillusionment if something isn't done to change the way the industry handles gender equality. During this session, panelists reveal and discuss the findings live on stage.

3. Shattering the Glass Ceiling

A unique gathering of C-Suite women who have climbed the ranks to lead their organizations. This group of panelists will share their insights from the top on their journey, and discuss how they’re working to inspire the next generation of dynamic leaders.

4. Braving Your Bias

Bias, we all have it. We often unconsciously use it as a filter when making decisions on who we hire, promote, put on a project team or involve in decision making. Our biases are based on the beliefs and values we deem to be true, and we then make a judgement on an individual based on that preconceived notion. As part of MEC's Brave your Bias series, panelists shed light on the topic through candid conversations with those on the front line.

5. Peace Brief

Saturday Morning, was launched on Saturday July 16th as a coalition to build awareness, promote change and use the power we have as creative marketers to sell Peace. 
In an exclusive Advertising Week event, the four leaders of Saturday Morning came together to discuss their mission and goals as the initiative announces its first project. Saturday Morning takes on the country's most important societal challenges in a frank conversation about race in the USA and how creative leaders can effect change.

6. The Ultimate Rebrand

We often talk about bravery in the workplace. Imagine if that brave decision took you to a situation where people would not only look at you differently, but it would fundamentally change the way they thought of you and behaved around you. Chris Edwards, former creative director and copywriter or Arnold Worldwide, and author of "BALLS: It Takes Some to Get Some" shares a first-hand account of the difficult change he made in his life in front of 500+ colleagues and friends.

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